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Elsewhere you can find Kate Neilan and I over on Adventures With Words. We blog and talk mainly about books, but we also love comics, film, tv, theatre and music. We do a weekly podcast talking about books as well as Hear… Read This!, a monthly book club.

Rob works as a senior bookseller at a university branch of Waterstones. While this is great for getting an inside track on new releases, it goes without saying that his views are all his own and not those of his employer. He’s also the web wizard and editor of our weekly podcast.

I’m Rob and here’s my story. I’m a bookseller, a writer and a book consumer with an interest in books and technology. My passion for books in particular runs in the family as my great-grandfather was on the board of publishers Chapman and Hall and put forward Evelyn Waugh’s early works for publication. I’m also writing my own novel (but then, aren’t we all).

Everyone also likes a good story and I’m fascinated by not only the creative process as a writer myself, but also by how they are presented and how a story reaches us. A novel, a film screenplay, a television script, a web page or a comic book all have there own strengths and weaknesses and it’s determining how, why and where you tell that story is the key. How they are written and the creative decisions behind each story is unique and I’ll be looking at those stories that I uncover, trying to find out more.

I’m also interested in how these stories are brought to us and the new formats that are emerging. Television and cinema are being replaced by online video and e-readers are slowly edging away at the dominance of traditional books. I for one can now write a blog post such as this and instantly have it up on the web, with a potential audience of millions. Some of my posts are more suited to longer posts, others are better in Tweets or Audioboos. How I decide that, I can’t always say – often it’s an unconscious decision.

I’m also a big fan of James Bond and thrillers as well as American literature, which he studied at UEA and the University of Kent. Film, comics and television dominate my spare time when not reading or writing. I guess I like a good story. So let’s see where this one goes as the ending of this particular tale hasn’t been written yet.

Full disclosure: I happen to work for Waterstone’s, one of the UK’s largest bookselling chains, as a bookseller and a fiction buyer. I won’t be writing about them at all, as I’m more interested in the creative process, so please don’t ask! Also, publishers do send me proof copies and I have to respect the embargo dates of the titles that I am sent. And lastly, since I’m hoping to enter the publishing business, I will declare any conflicts of interest, such as work experience placements or internships, when they arrise. If you’ve still got questions, then let me know!


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